16-Aug-2018Dardanelle, AR+4 milesCats for Sale
As I was walking our dog we came along the side of the road to see this kitten at the very edge of the road in the grass. He was so scared. Bloody mouth, dry as a bone. It was to be a very hot humid day and even thunder storms came that very night. He could have been easily run over as well. I carried him home and had to give him droplets of water. Gently washed his little face and mouth. Gave ...
8-Aug-2018Danville, AR+23 milesCats for Sale
Giving away my 2 babies to a nice home and a great family. I m planning on moving soon to another city in the state and I won t be able to take them with me. I ll throw in their litterbox, their cat tower, food and water bowl.
8-Aug-2018Casa, AR+18 milesCats for Sale
Mittens appeared at our home about 2 mons ago. She is an abandoned young female cat but unlike other strays she is not apprehensive or scared about human contract even with small kids . She is very affectionate and loves to cuddle. She is in need of lots of attention and would be a nice addition to a loving home. She has a small issue with her front paw but she hasn t had any complications that...
I adopted Bradley three years ago from a local shelter. He was about eight months old then. He is very affectionate with all the humans in the household. He greets us vocally and collapses into my lap with loud purrs and chirps , often taking a short nap. He rubs affectionately against my son and my husband, and also adores the lady next door. BUT he has grown to bully my older cat, and bit her...
A super adorable cat that adores children and seeks attention. Very great with children, will not scratch them. About a year old and has just weened her kittens. She has a sister named Pipa that she adores. Does need a nice cat food. Can't digest the cheap stuff very well at all.
Almost 1 yr old and absolutely sweet with kids. She has been handled by kids, sometimes to her discomfort, and she handles it very well and does not scratch at them. She has a grey tabby sister named Pepper of the same temperament, cute with kids, and the two get along very well. She just got done weening her kittens and was very protective of them against dogs. She doesn't mind dogs but she do...
We found this tiny kitten in our bushes. We call him seeaty (cat). He is an wonderful all black kitten with green eyes. He loves to play and attack your feet. He was starving when we found him but is very healthy a week later. We would love to keep him but have two dogs that want to eat him. We are having to keep him confined to 1 room which is making a prisoner out of him. We guess that he is ...
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